Local restaurant gets solid far-reaching WiFi

Due to customer demand, a local restaurant installed a wireless router to provide wireless Internet for those customers. Because they were self-managing their own I.T. needs at the time, they bought a cheap Linksys router from Target, used the provided configuration software to set it up, stuck it in a closet, and let it do its job. Over the next year, the customers at that restaurant complained about weak/no signal, no Internet access, slow speeds, and other issues related to the cheap Linksys router.

Out of frustration, the owner of that restaurant called us. We immediately assessed that the cheap Linksys router in the closet didn't have enough signal strength to reach the far ends of the restaurant, and certainly wasn't robust enough to handle the 50+ wireless devices connecting on a daily basis. We replaced the cheap Linksys router with two enterprise cloud-managed wireless access points with guaranteed bandwidth quotas, and a secure wireless network for the restaurant managers and the mobile POS units and an Internet-only open wireless network for the customers.

Over the last three years, that restaurant has not experienced any outages or complaints caused by the wireless access points that we installed, leaving the managers and staff more time to do what they do best.

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