New server with zero downtime for local municipality

A local municipality contacted us seeking a bid for a new server, and had received bids from two other I.T. providers in the area. After a lengthy discussion regarding cross-departmental needs and timelines, and a full multi-hour network assessment, we submitted our bid and waited.

After several weeks, we heard back from the municipality that our bid was accepted, and was under half the amount of the next lowest bid. With the municipality's permission, we reviewed the other submitted bids and found that not only were the other I.T. providers going to overcharge the equipment with a significant markup, their estimated time to completion was at least a month longer with many more billable hours involved.

After coordinating with the multiple vendors for the various software applications involved in the server migration project, we completed the migration in just over a month with absolutely zero downtime for the 40+ employees at the municipality.

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