How do you know that website is safe?

When it comes to website security, many believe that when you enter your private info, the only way to be reasonably assured that it really is the actual website — and not a spoof — is to look for https.

The https in the address correctly means that you are communicating with the website securely. It DOES NOT mean that the website is legitimate! Let me explain. The “S” in https stands for secure and what it means is that the data from your computer to the website is encrypted, that’s it. Cybercriminals and hackers have figured out that they just need to get unsuspecting victims to trust their website.

To identify harmful sites, look at the address bar where the URL is and see where the first slash is. For example, when you look at the two websites below, you’ll notice a difference between the placement of the first single slash is.

The first link is a bad one, and not just because of the words in the URL. In the first link, the actual domain name, which is immediately followed by the “/” is “”.

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