Blackout Leaves 91% of Venezuela Without an Internet Connection

Another massive, nationwide blackout struck Venezuela early Wednesday just as service was gradually being restored from two days of intermittent service.

The extent of the outage can be seen in this chart provided by, which tracks Internet disruptions and shutdowns in different countries and has become widely used in Venezuela amid the lack of official information being provided by the regime of Nicolas Maduro. The group calculates that 91 percent of Venezuela has lost connection to Internet, a low only eclipsed earlier this month in the depths of a week-long blackout.

Maduro and his government have insisted that the electrical problems are a product of sabotage and sophisticated attacks by the U.S. and local opposition while industry experts and critics point more to a lack of investment and maintenance. Schools are closed for a second day and the government has told workers to stay home.

As the latest power problems drag on, concerns over hospitals, perishable foods and water are rising as well as anger and a feeling of incompetence among Venezuelans.

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