Is your I.T. provider automatically patching your servers & workstations?

Is your I.T. provider automating all the patching of your critical network systems? Can they provide a report showing your network's current patch status? If you're not already aware, patching provides security updates and reliability improvements to all servers, workstations, and devices on your network - and are a critical necessity against today's cyber threats.

If they're not automating patching at all, then find an MSP (Managed Services Provider) like Aileron I.T. who can. We, and other respected MSPs, patch smart, which means we automate as much as possible, prioritize patches, and learn where the most critical vulnerabilities lie.

Patching is clearly far from being an automatic guarantee from being secured against all cyber threats, but our advice is to keep patching anyway, and ideally, partner with an MSP who can report on the current status of your patched and unpatched devices.


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