What have we learned from the Target breach?

This month marks five years since Target announced the data breach that exposed 70 million customers’ credit card numbers and banking information.

Target had to endure years of slumping sales and spend millions of dollars to regain customer trust following the attack, which started with a successful phishing attempt on one of the chain’s HVAC contractors. Once the bad actors gained access, they had free rein.

It is no longer a far-fetched idea that a hacker might enter a bank’s network through the in-house food service system or steal patient data through a hospital’s gift shop inventory program. Your IT provider needs to be continually monitoring IT ecosystems for the “easy” ways in. A system’s “weak spot” could be a smart lightbulb or a climate control system. Most companies, especially SMBs, remain more susceptible because they haven’t learned from high profile breaches.

Aileron I.T., as well as your own I.T. provider, has a big role to play in "security first" education and building that essential sense of ownership in the company's network security. Otherwise, you could be one click away from someone in maintenance or food service compromising the entire company.

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