Is Managed Services Right For My Business?

Maybe! At Aileron I.T., we believe every business should have access to expert IT support regardless of the company’s size. We do provide IT support to any company that calls us; however, our Managed Services clients receive priority support before all others. Managed Services is for companies that need help quickly when systems go down.

Let’s face it. Most companies rely on technology to get their work done. Even the smallest of businesses has a phone system, email, a network, some sort of cybersecurity, data backups, and more. Unfortunately, it’s hard for small businesses to retain the IT expertise they need to remain competitive. Managed Services is for companies who need full-time IT experts for part-time cost.

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more and more common and also more and more dangerous. Did you know the Target credit card breach in 2013 all started because someone opened an email and clicked on a link they shouldn’t have? There were numerous failures that led to the ultimate data breach, but the whole event could have easily been stopped by following some basic security policies. Managed Services is for companies who need to protect their data.

Ultimately, the more a company relies on technology to serve its clients, the more seriously a company should consider partnering with a Managed Services Provider. If you are evaluating Managed Services for your own company, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help you talk through your issues and see if Managed Services could make your life easier.

If you’re not ready to talk to someone about Managed Services just yet that’s fine too. We’ll be here when you’re ready! In the meantime, please feel free to check our blog for the latest tech news or learn more about who we are.

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