Real estate office outgrows their IT guy

For several years, a local real estate office used a technology hobbyist to repair their computers, set up their network, add network printers, etc. as needed.

However, unbeknownst to the real estate office, the technology hobbyist was unemployed and looking for work between these periodic gigs. Once he was hired by a company in the Twin Cities doing unrelated work, he became unresponsive, and when he did respond, it was only in the late evenings or days later.

We were brought in to place a bid on reconfiguring their wireless network, because they could no longer connect to it and power cycling the routers was no longer working. Upon our arrival, we found that the technology hobbyist had used outdated commodity workstations to install a free Open Source "Untangle" firewall application as the office firewall at their two locations, and had used aftermarket "DD-WRT" firmware on ancient Linksys WRT54G wireless routers as their access points.

We replaced the firewalls at their two locations with business-grade commercial firewalls, and the wireless routers were replaced with cloud-managed wireless access points, and over the past year, not one minute of Internet connectivity downtime has been experienced by the two real estate office locations - even after hours.

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