How much downtime can you afford due to a cyberthreat?

Small and medium businesses face the same cyberthreats as large enterprises but have fewer resources to shore up their defenses or recover from a breach. Indeed, 40 percent of midmarket companies experienced eight hours or more of system downtime due to a severe security breach, similar to what large enterprises reported, according to a special cybersecurity report from Cisco that breaks out SMB data from the vendor's "2018 Security Capabilities Benchmark Study."

SMBs are more concerned than large enterprises about ransomware, however, citing it as one of their top three security issues. Moreover, they are more inclined to pay the ransom to restore operations, according to Cisco. Targeted attacks against employees (via phishing) along with advanced persistent threats round out the top three security worries for SMBs. Mobile security is a challenge too, according to 56 percent of midmarket respondents.

Better than half of midmarket companies turn to outside security help. Advice and consulting, incident response, and security monitoring are the top services that SMBs look to outsourced partners to provide. As the largest MSP in western Wisconsin, Aileron I.T. is uniquely positioned to provide those services. Contact us at (715) 377-0440 or at .

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