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What are delivery smishing scams?

What are delivery smishing scams?

Scammers have always used smishing schemes concerning deliveries. But the number of these text messages has increased. Having things delivered right to your home is quite convenient, and a lot of people even sign up for text message notifications!

Cybercriminals are posing as the postal office and sending smishing messages to customers in the latest scam. The text message informs you that delivery of your package is pending completion of the information requested on the provided link. Upon clicking the link, the user is directed to an impersonation of a legitimate-looking postal office page. You are asked to enter sensitive information such as your address and credit card number on this page. If you don’t do this, it states your package won’t be delivered. Cybercriminals can utilize the victim’s credit card and possibly even steal their identity once they get their sensitive and financial information.

Here are some tips:

  • Remember if you actually signed up for text message notifications or not. If you didn’t and you received a text it is most likely a scam!
  • Do not tap a link form a text message that you weren’t expecting.
  • Always be cautious when you are entering payment information. Make sure to go to the website directly and never put information into a website from a link in a text or email.

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